Color Me Chris Anderson


Chris Anderson is a largely self taught artist from North St. Paul, Minnesota. After attending a year of community college heavily geared toward graphic design in Minnesota, he packed up and moved to Los Angeles, California. There he, along with some partners, formed Ninerings Animation and worked with clients such as BET entertainment as well as developing his own properties and pitching shows to the likes of Nickelodeon and other networks. He later pursued a career in teaching while maintaining steady freelance work. Chris has had his hands in many projects and has recently revitalized his illustration career by being involved in projects ranging from editorial illustrations, storyboards, character designs, graphic novels and children’s books. Chris is also a musician and has enjoyed some success with his bands, C. Duck & Nate and the Spectacles (both of which can be heard on itunes) as well as his own solo work. He walks like a duck, loves cheese, has a dog named Abby and currently lives with his girlfriend in Studio City, CA.